Popo’s cafe, best tiffin service in Gurgaon

Yummy and delicious food tempt us to eat it and that’s why, eating at a restaurant or a cafe is a fun affair but on the other hand it is also an expensive one if it is done every day and eating junk food everyday is not that good for health even if it’s from the very good restaurant. Daily meal and a food full of proteins and carbohydrates is the thing that made us strong and keep us healthy. Most of the restaurants are overpriced these days.

They took money from us for the happening place, for the ambiance they provide and mainly for the food presentation which is why food looks so tasty that we cant resist ordering it. It’s okay to go to the cafe and hangout with buddies once in a week but for the daily meal, A packed tiffin full of your favourite dishes and moreover healthy dishes the best. on the other hand, the tiffin food is easy on the pocket as it’s not that expensive and gives you all the taste and health at the same time that you can’t get out of any restaurant.

Now if you are looking forward to order a tiffin and give it a try then there are lots of options for tiffin service in gurgaon but if you want quality with quantity then here we are with all your favourite dishes to keep your tastebuds happy. Introducing popo’s cafe to you because we provide the happy meal to our customer of their kind. We have something for everyone. Popo’s cafe is the best tiffin service in gurgaon.

Popo’s cafe is an online tiffin service in gurgaon that delivers tiffin at your doorstep of your office or home wherever you want. The food tastes like food made by your mom. We pour the same love and care with masalas that makes you stronger and work more efficiently. we offers delicious home-made food with minimal oil and an impeccable mix of spices which are home made that makes the food tasty but not spicy nor  insipid but just great! You will just love it that you will eat your finger with the food. 

 Why Order From popo’s cafe…?

  • Yes! There are lots of options for tiffin service in gurgaon in the market but we can say we are one of the best not only because of the great food but also because of the mutual respect and customer service satisfaction. We provide three options for meals- Veg, Non-veg and alternative
  • We guarantee awesome variety in food on a daily basis as there is no repetitions of any dish so, be ready to get a surprise everyday.
  • Before continuing  journey of being a foodie with us, You must try out a short trial of tiffin for a week  so that you will get to know why people rave about popo’s cafe. We have the trust of people who are regular customers of us. 
  • You can manage cancellations, refunds, orders and renewals online. 

Explore the following links which will guide you towards the online portal of popo’s cafe, best tiffin service in gurgaon where you can be sure of the quality of the food prepared for you and order your favourite food as per your wish! Have a great lunch time!

Have a full course meal from best food tiffin service!

Tiffin Service In Gurgaon
Tiffin Service In Gurgaon

Having good food when you are far from home is the best thing ever. In many offices they have catering which most people don’t like. There’s no joy in eating that same tasteless food everyday. Everyone misses taste of mom’s hand when we go to different places for work. Well, we can’t change this situation but indeed we can make the choices of our food by our own. Introducing the best food tiffin service in gurgaon from popo’s cafe. 

Now just Imagine, opening your lunch for the day and you get a surprise of an elaborate 4-course meal, a situation you would never create for yourself. But now, you will get such surprises from yourself everyday. I mean come on… who would not like a full indian thali made with lots of love and too much of taste variation…? Everyone must have imagined their favourite items in indian thali.

Well you can get it everyday in your office lunches or college breaks. Living far from home made various changes in our lifestyle and it has a very deep effect on our body also. We should learn to eat healthy and stay fit in every condition. Indian food is the best source of all the quality minerals required to our body. So, you better make your choice in food wisely. Now as you have made the choices, now there’s a big question that how will you get this taking your health concern…?

So answer is popo’s cafe, classic food tiffin service.  In the morning, making one dish before work is an elaborate enough affair so a spread would seem out of the question. This is where a packed lunch will save the day. This 4-course meal with all the healthy qualities will add spring into your day, add some happiness in your day and keep your smile on for day and make it all the more memorable.

The feeling of having fresh, tasty, delicious and hot food with steam coming off it is something else. A packed tiffin from best food tiffin service in gurgaon saves you the hassle of reheating the food you cooked and brought with yourself. The packed tiffin arrives in front in your time and at your place, ready to be devoured in all its wholesome goodness. Let’s be honest here while reading this, everyone loves a good cuddle in the mornings to put some cheer into the day.

So, have some happiness from the start of the day thinking that you don’t have to wake up in the morning and make the food and you will get the good meal today to keep your tummy happy. With a packed tiffin, the choice of the food is in your hands unlike at home where you can demand anything to your mom shamelessly and you get it. You can or can i say, you should surprise your taste buds once in a while by going for a different cuisine. So try something different each day and explore the world of taste.

Why Choose Daily Tiffin Service?

Best Tiffin Service In Gurgaon

An idea of ordering meals online is quickly catching up with the consumers across the world. The reasons aren’t difficult to understand for this increasing popularity. An availability of Internet allows consumers to know daily tiffin service Gurgaon and their menu to deliver food. Suppose you are highly occupied with your work to cook food, or have invited some friends to join for a small get together or have lunch at your place, this becomes highly convenient to order your choice of food to be delivered to your house at a scheduled time.

After hectic working day, a tired person will crave for the good homely food, and they look for the best tiffin service close to them. Best tiffin service in Gurgaon is a most promising sector that is very well-paid and in demand. Let us look at some benefits offered by Tiffin Service Gurgaon.

·   Smell of hot and fresh food is mesmerizing, so is the feeling of eating fresh and warm food with steam still coming out from it feels really good to our stomach. The packed Tiffin service keeps you out of trouble of heating, because our food come piping hot.

·  With the Tiffin service online, you get your choice of food unlike at home where you need to use the leftovers from the fridge. You will regularly be able to surprise yourself by going for the different cuisine with the packed Tiffin service.

·   Eating fast food continuously for people who do not bring their lunch is really bad for the health. Your body does not respond well with the fast food because it is unhealthy. Our packed meal service offers you the chance of eating healthy and delicious food and stay fit when eating tasty.

·  There is nothing worse than seeing a mountain of dirty and unwashed dishes? The choice between several dishes and hot and fresh Tiffin is a simple one.

· After relocating to a different area you miss the days when your mom will pack hot meal for you. But, you do not have to worry as you may experience the same warmth with our homely Tiffin services because it’s the closest variant to the home cooked food. With our packed tiffin, you will not miss your home made food.

When you are considering an option of online meal delivery service, you must be a little careful of certain things. First, you must ensure the tiffin service reliability that you plan patronizing in ordering food. Then, you must check if they provide all variants of food like Chinese, North Indian, or another type of food you might prefer to have.

You can check with your colleagues or friends about the food quality and service offered by the restaurant that you’re inclined to order the food from. Definitely, you want to get wholesome and fresh meals delivered to your home. It is the limitation of ordering food, as you cannot be sure if food delivered will be of first class.

Bottom Line Over the past few years, tiffin services have become quite popular. They provide a quick and inexpensive way of getting the best dishes and make sure you eat only best-quality ingredients. Suppose you have not tried this type of service, you can check out some available in your locality to find out one that works right for you.

Boxed Lunches – The New Option in Town

Tiffin Service In Gurgaon
Tiffin Service Gurgaon

Boxed lunches are the catering service’s best provisions available for companies and schools alike. No matter whether you are in a school or office business, boxed lunches will bring in a lot of convenience and delicious fulfillment for your lunch hour. The boxed lunches are the highly popular meal options available in the catering company’s store of dishes, and there are some good reasons for this. Here, you will get to know more about the catering option and benefits that it offers.

What’s a Boxed Lunch?

Boxed lunch is simply a box lunch, which you can pack it yourself, except it’s caterers who make the meal. The boxed lunch generally has an entree, such as a wrap or sandwich, one or two side dish, and dessert. It’s the most customized and convenient way of receiving your meal or lunch.

When you are working with the professional catering lunch service, you will find the partner that truly understands how significant it is that all your students or coworkers are pleased with our catering service. No matter whether you want catering for 10 or 1,000 people, we can be of great help.


Naturally, the main advantage of a boxed lunch is the personalization. Every person will be able to choose what sides or entree and dessert that they will prefer. Suppose anybody has got some special diet on chart, they can select the dish accordingly without any expense to anybody else. Also, because every lunch comes personalized for an individual, you do not need to worry of the cross-contamination between wide ranges of the catered menu items. Every person gets their lunch box and sometimes there are professionals who pack the box for corporate lunches in Gurgaon.


Another benefit of a boxed lunch is the practicality. With every lunch neatly packed in a single box per individual, no one has to get up, or take any time to choose the items at a first place. For the corporations and for schools, practicality is paramount.  The best part is the professional lunch service in Gurgaon prepared the meal and boxed it as per your request.

Delicious and On a Go

Finally, who doesn’t love to eat a meal prepared specially for them by the professional in the food sector? Everybody loves a meal crafted carefully for the right taste and health. At Tiffin Service Gurgaon, the caterer knows exactly how to prepare the food that is good and delicious for you. Particularly in a world where everybody is on-a-go, the catered and boxed lunch will give you a boost of energy that you want in your day At Tiffin Service Gurgaon, we take a special initiative to offer fresh, healthy, and home cooked lunch for the tiffin service. There is not any fixed menu, and we are highly flexible with the instructions & food preferences. Our simple and well thought-out lunch include rice and roti, vegetables, dal and some raita or salad.

Homemade Meal From the Trusty Tiffin Service at Gurgaon……

It is always agreeable that school meal has seen more happiness than the office meal. And the reason is children enjoy their meal time where the adults forget to witness the real joy of meal time. It is due to their increasing job pressure which makes them to lose interest in meal or meal time and that’s why they don’t enjoy as they did in their childhood.

A real food world does not have any guilt or fear, only joy and happiness.. And the tiffin service gurgaon   is trying to bring back their ‘old happy meal time’ with their unbeatable taste and home made food. 

Popo’s cafe Pvt ltd., a great start by Mr & Mrs Chandan Ghosh gave an initiative to Tiffin Service Gurgaon which aims at providing and satisfying all corporate food orders at exclusive cheap rate. They also support with party orders and individual orders to meet up the increasing search for quality food all across the city.

This food tiffin service serve several families, graduates, corporates and old people by giving them scrumptious suppers that are less oily, less salty and incorporate the ideal measure of flavors, much the same as it was made at your home! 

 This Indian food tiffin service provides 100% native homemade tiffin and meals in Gurgaon which tends to be the best in the business. They deal with your each need. Their food provides a nourishment which will bring out a feeling of nostalgia of homemade, as their recipes and plans are truly family based.

Their food is prepared by the real chefs who have love and care towards food and passion for cooking and they incorporate only hygienic ingredients and recipe methods and is really based on health basis. They also provide  various plans and menu options, the best that suits your budget can be picked up. They also provide a trustworthy delivery service which assures to keep your food fresh and warm till it reaches your doorstep. 

Their main motto is to provide you a fresh and healthy food and increment your efficiency to keep you refreshed and relaxed. Best of all, they deal with nature by utilizing 100% sustenance grade reusable Tiffin boxes, which keep your supper warm and new. They serve an authentic Indian style food with a variety of flavors and choices.

You can likewise get North Indian recipes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian  which will make your mouth get watery. The food ordering process is so simple, that it can be made via whatsapp, food apps or directly on their site. The menu of the day is posted on the Whatsapp status including the plan. They also provide a monthly subscription plan for corporate orders which make the office members enjoy a home style food without being at home. 

Food is the only thing that can never be ignored and it is a blessing to get healthy food which also has a great taste. So if you are locked up with busy schedules and searching for an authentic Indian homestyle food, you are at the right place. 

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