Homemade Meal From the Trusty Tiffin Service at Gurgaon……

It is always agreeable that school meal has seen more happiness than the office meal. And the reason is children enjoy their meal time where the adults forget to witness the real joy of meal time. It is due to their increasing job pressure which makes them to lose interest in meal or meal time and that’s why they don’t enjoy as they did in their childhood.

A real food world does not have any guilt or fear, only joy and happiness.. And the tiffin service gurgaon   is trying to bring back their ‘old happy meal time’ with their unbeatable taste and home made food. 

Popo’s cafe Pvt ltd., a great start by Mr & Mrs Chandan Ghosh gave an initiative to Tiffin Service Gurgaon which aims at providing and satisfying all corporate food orders at exclusive cheap rate. They also support with party orders and individual orders to meet up the increasing search for quality food all across the city.

This food tiffin service serve several families, graduates, corporates and old people by giving them scrumptious suppers that are less oily, less salty and incorporate the ideal measure of flavors, much the same as it was made at your home! 

 This Indian food tiffin service provides 100% native homemade tiffin and meals in Gurgaon which tends to be the best in the business. They deal with your each need. Their food provides a nourishment which will bring out a feeling of nostalgia of homemade, as their recipes and plans are truly family based.

Their food is prepared by the real chefs who have love and care towards food and passion for cooking and they incorporate only hygienic ingredients and recipe methods and is really based on health basis. They also provide  various plans and menu options, the best that suits your budget can be picked up. They also provide a trustworthy delivery service which assures to keep your food fresh and warm till it reaches your doorstep. 

Their main motto is to provide you a fresh and healthy food and increment your efficiency to keep you refreshed and relaxed. Best of all, they deal with nature by utilizing 100% sustenance grade reusable Tiffin boxes, which keep your supper warm and new. They serve an authentic Indian style food with a variety of flavors and choices.

You can likewise get North Indian recipes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian  which will make your mouth get watery. The food ordering process is so simple, that it can be made via whatsapp, food apps or directly on their site. The menu of the day is posted on the Whatsapp status including the plan. They also provide a monthly subscription plan for corporate orders which make the office members enjoy a home style food without being at home. 

Food is the only thing that can never be ignored and it is a blessing to get healthy food which also has a great taste. So if you are locked up with busy schedules and searching for an authentic Indian homestyle food, you are at the right place. 

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